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Apollo and the Muses by Baldassarre Peruzzi (c. 1514-1523), oil on wood. Source:

My storybook site: The Gospel Truth


  1. Hi Emily!

    I read your introduction to your Storybook, and I really got excited about what you had t0 share! I thought starting it with a poem was a very creative thing to do, and it added a lot to the entire feeling of the storybook. I also loved that it was called "The Gospel Truth" because that made me think of the Disney movie Hercules, which is one of my favorite Disney movies, with the muses being a great part. I thought you did a great job of relaying the issue that there are often misinterpretations of the myths; my storybook is actually about a similar concept, although applied to Egyptian mythology. I honestly think you did a great job, and cannot wait to read your first story. I was wondering if you wrote that poem yourself or found it somehwere? It was really fantastic! Good luck with the rest of your storybook!

  2. Hey Emily!
    I really enjoyed your story book! I am a sucker for old tales that involve Greeks, Romans, etc. So, when I read your introduction and found out what I was going to read about I got super excited. I actually know all these tales really well and was interested to see your take on them. I thought your take on Patroclus and Achilles was very well done. The adding of the gods and having Achilles and Patroclus be lovers was very interesting to me. I thought that by having Apollo kill Achilles for not listening to the God’s warning was a good reminder, that if a god or goddess gives you a command you follow it or risk dire consequences. Now with Patroclus and Achilles I was fascinated with that aspect. All the stories that I have read always mentioned they were like brothers or cousins but never hinted at Gay love. After reading your story, I can totally see it and I like the way you put it out there for everyone to see. I do agree that LGBTQ have existed since the beginning of time and it makes me wonder why we do not hear or read stories about them from the past.

  3. Hello,
    I love the topic you chose. I think the way you wrote your introduction was very witty. You ended up making it seem as if the stories were not told correctly so that you could tell them in your own light. I think your introduction gave the readers, me included, enough information to judge what the following stories will be about without telling us everything. I am also interested because I do not know some of these characters that you are going to writes stories about! After reading the first story I could immediately see what you changed in it from the original. I got lost when it started to get romantic because I never thought it was. I thought of them as battle brothers so close because they had been through so much together. I think your twist on the story was quite interesting. I also thought that you wrote it really well.

  4. Hey there Emily! I just had the chance to take a look at your project so far, and I really enjoyed it! I was totally interested by the title of your project and I was really drawn in to the theme overall. Looking at your introduction, I absolutely loved the tone and sass that you put into the introduction. You really gave such a powerful yet real layer to the speaker. It also provided just enough information for the readers to prepare for what was to come, without diving too deep into the stories (I think that sometimes this can take away from the story individually). I am familiar with some of the characters, and unfamiliar with others and so I personally really enjoy the path that you have chosen to take. Overall, you did such a great job with incorporating a modern and real vibe to your project, which can be really difficult to do with a classic story. I look forward to checking out your project again when you have more stories!

  5. Hi Emily! I just looked at your project and it is awesome. I am honestly super excited for your story about Cupid and Psyche. That a has probably been my favorite reading all semester. It has also been one of my favorites to reread from other students. So, I will have to check back in in a couple of weeks to read it! This week the feedback is focused on the images. I think this storybook has a lot of potential visually that you have not taken advantage of. Your banner picture (I am not sure what it is called, but the main picture on all the tabs) is very historic. You could add more oldish looking photos and keep with that trend. You could add colorful images or even historical pictures. If you mention something that is an object, you could insert a picture to help the reader visualize it. Overall, the story is great so far. Well done!

  6. Hi Emily! I just read through your project and I think it is so good. I was really intrigued by your title and your project did not disappoint. I think the tone you wrote your introduction was the best! I could totally feel the sass of the Muses. I also really like how you included what characters you're going to write about in a way that doesn't seem like it was just summarizing their entire story. I can't find the write words to describe it, but I really it. I think your retelling of the story of Patroclus and Achilles was spot on! Your writing style is very descriptive, and I think that really helps the reader connect with the story and the characters. Since the focus for this week was image, I want to say that the banner image you've used fits perfectly with the whole muses theme. I think if you included more images throughout your story of the characters, that would be nice. Overall, I think your storybook is really great so far!

  7. Hi Emily,

    What a fun idea! I love the image of the muses, ever present behind the scenes, getting fed up with the game of telephone we’ve been playing through the ages and deciding to take things into their own hands. (I’m also definitely imagining the muses from Disney’s Hercules, which, given your title of “The Gospel Truth,” seems to be somewhat intentional.)

    Your writing is very good, and I think it flows nicely. One little technical formatting note: I think you tried to center the text introducing the story of Patroclus and Achilles (the “Dear reader” paragraph), but due to the width of the text it doesn’t look centered. Instead, it looks like it contains a lot of random spaces. Maybe just left align it and set it apart visually with a line or fleuron?

    Looking forward to more stories!


  8. Hello,
    You're introduction was put to together quite nicely. I think it lends to many great stories. Or just the three. I really enjoyed your story about Achilles and Patroclus. I knew of this story and I am glad you retold it to make the story more clear. You did well in giving plenty of backstory for Achilles. I think it would be really cool to hear more about how Patroclus was feeling when his good friend was being as stubborn as he was. I have always thought the Achilles story was a little funny because I don't know why the mom wouldn't just switch his feet so he would be completely invincible? But then I guess we wouldn't have these stories would we? I thought you did very well describing Achilles and his own feelings, as well as when he strode into battle. It would be fun to hear more detail about the moments before Achilles was shot in the heel too. Just some extra thoughts if you wanted to add on to any of your stories.

  9. Hi Emily!

    I enjoyed reading through your storybook project! This was a really great concept that was perfect for this course. The poem you used in the beginning of your introduction was neat and set a nice tone for your stories. I liked how you break the imaginary wall in your intro and address the readers directly! Your telling of "Patroclus and Achilles"stood out for its solid use of dialogue and descriptive words. "He raged through the battlefield and swiftly took the life of Patroclus' murderer. This is for him, Achilles thought. This is all for him" was a standout section that helped me as a reader feel the real emotion of Achilles! The plot felt very well paced in that story, and you spaced out you paragraphs in a way that helped reading clarity throughout. If you add another story to your project, I would be excited to read it! The layout was also really nice on your webpage. Your banner image fits well and helps the whole site be visually appealing overall. This was fun to read through and featured some very solid writing!

  10. Hi Emily!

    First off I really enjoyed introduction and the prose that you used for it. I thought that the poem was a really great touch! Do you write poetry or it something you just did for the project? I also liked how your introduction was addressed to the reader. I think its pretty cool when author's break the fourth wall a little.

    I thought you had a great retelling of Cupid and Psyche. I loved how you changed it to focus more on the positive rather than the negative. Adapting the story to make it focus more on the love that they shared was a wonderful idea, and it adds so much to the story. I think it makes the story much more powerful.

    I like how you kind of glossed over the tasks that she had to perform. Throughout this course I have read plenty of depressing stories, so I really enjoyed yours being a more uplifting love story of sorts.


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